We front the cost of repairs and renovations before we sell your home

We receive a beautiful listing and you get top dollar when you sell your home.

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Stop Giving Away Your Money. Seriously.

Step 1

See if you qualify to enter the Listing Masters program

It’s really simple. All we need is your address and how much money you owe on the home.

Step 2

Receive a FREE in-person assessment

One of our specialists will come by and determine which improvements will maximize your home value.

Step 3

We will renovate your home with OUR money

Seriously. We will front the money and manage the improvements before we sell your home.

Step 4

We list your newly updated home

Now that your home is updated, you will receive the added value and we will obtain a beautiful listing! It’s a Win/Win.

Why Listing Masters Is Better

Selling With Listing Masters

We front the cost and manage updates to your home

We manage inspection repairs at wholesale rates

We optimize your return on investment

We sell your home faster


Traditional Home Sale

You finance and manage your own updates

You manage your own inspections and repairs

You might lose profits if your home is outdated

Your home might take much longer to sell

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