Indian Gold

Old Value: $
Renovation Cost: $6,000
Final Sale: $212,000
Additional Value Added:
Days on the Market: 10

The Haldeman’s house needed some major home improvements. They were barely able to break even and needed to get rid of it. They thought renovations would cost too much and didn’t know who to trust. Listing Masters helped them renovate, buy and sell multiple homes.

The Haldemans were treading water trying to keep their rental home afloat. They were ready to move into a new home but didn’t know how to dump the old one currently occupied by a renter. They needed a lot of home improvements to their outdated place but didn’t believe they could make any profit. They also weren’t confident on who to trust. If they could even afford to make the necessary changes, why would we pay to do them? Listing Masters stepped in to help them visualize a whole new concept.

Does your system work?

Our system is a win for everyone. The Haldemans would get more money for their sale and our team would have access to a beautiful listing. We know every aspect of buying and selling homes. Helping people like the Haldemans was a perfect way to use all of our skills. In all of our years, we have never had a challenge too big. All of our clients have received all of the profits from their home. Instead of seeing a problem home that wasn’t worth the headache, the Haldeman’s eyes were opened to a realistic solution.

Making Valuable Home Improvements

Our team came in and painted the interior walls, repaired drywall damage and made other small repairs including landscaping. These simple fixes added enough value to their house that they were able to make a profit! Their home sold for $212,00 with only $6,000 spent on repairs. The Haldemans were shocked and relieved. All of their previous anxieties melted away and allowed them to focus on finding a new place to call home.

Finding and Renovating a New Home

With our help, their new home on Wind Warrior Street was the perfect fit. Although it needed minor repairs like touch-up paint, our Listing Masters professionals were able to come in again and make those changes quickly. The Haldeman’s were happy with our work on their previous home, but they still insecurities. Could they really afford this house? Were these home improvements really adding value? Our team helped them see a vision and gave them the assurance to know they were getting a great value.

Our track record really does speak for itself. We’ve transformed the homes and lives of hundreds of people throughout our decade of work. The Haldeman’s new home was no different. Our expert designers had researched exactly what home improvements made homes sell for significantly more. We helped the Haldemans see they were in good hands whether they were buying or selling a home.

Selling, Buying and Renovating

Fast forward four years, the Haldemans were ready to move to their dream home. Although eager to get started, the path before them seemed daunting. They listed their beautiful home on Wind Warrior Street but had no success. A full month later, no one was interested. On the verge of giving up, they called Listing Masters to save the day. Our team joyfully stepped in to help.

Getting the home ready was simple once we arrived. We gave the Haldemans effortless suggestions such as decluttering and minor repairing that cost us around $2,000. Within days, they received a full price offer of $329,000 and were able to sell before it officially went on the market! Immediately, they made an offer on their dream home.

With the profit we helped them make on their sale, the Haldemans were able to afford the final touches on their new place. The Listing Masters team offered an affordable price on installing brand new engineered hardwood flooring and an elegant front door.

Previously this home had light brown wood lining every inch of the space. The carpet looked outdate as well as the color scheme. Our design team was able to put a modern twist on this older home and create something beautiful for the Haldemans.

The Haldemans were ecstatic to move into their dream home completely stress-free. Listing Masters not only helped them see vision in one home but in three! Our team was with them throughout the entire process and relieved all the pressures of real estate and home improvements. If you’re ready to find your dream home, contact us and connect with us on social.