Sell Your Outdated Home

Ready to sell but your outdated home is getting in the way? We hear that constantly. Most of our clients are ready to move on to bigger and better things, but their house is holding them back. Many of them planned to just dump their homes and walk away. By the time they reached us, they were so fed up with the housing market that they just wanted to sell their home for the first offer and get it over with.

You can make money on your outdated home

Don’t be fooled. Even if your home looks exactly the same as the day it was built, you can still get an amazing price for it. You can sell your home for the best price in the neighborhood. All you need is a little help. With some valuable renovations, you can transform your house.

“What if my house doesn’t sell?” This is a valid question to have. We have been in the business of remodeling and selling homes for over 10 years. We’ve transformed nearly 700 homes and have quickly sold every single one of them. Our track sheet easily puts those fears to rest. Spending time on specific value building renovations is the key to a home’s success.

Updated bathrooms increase home value

The biggest areas we focus on when getting homes ready to sell are the bathrooms. Almost every home that we have worked on had old, boring showers and tubs. Clean, builder-grade amenities are no longer the trend. Homebuyers are looking to be blown away. We normally do custom tile work in our houses in modern textures. This helps transform a bland white shower into a centerpiece for the bathrooms.

Walk-in showers are a big plus as well. Look at any newly built home. The best models all have extravagant walk-in showers with textured walls. They also have upgraded, detachable showerheads. Some bathrooms will either have a separate tub or opt-out of a tub altogether. In one of our most recent homes, we included a standing tub directly across from the shower. It gave the bathroom a luxurious spa feel that the homeowners were hoping for.

Changing the sink, tub and shower fixtures can add value to your home too. In our LaceBark home, the sellers were disappointed with their old two-toned fixtures. The bronze outlines on their mirrors were also bringing down the value of their house. To boost their selling price, we installed stainless steel fixtures in the shower and sinks and tubs.

Replace outdated cabinets and counters

Usually, the vanity counters and cabinets need some help too. Many of our client’s outdated homes came standard with tile, old granite or Corean for their countertops. After a while, those materials started to fade. Our Durango property is a prime example of this. Vicky had custom-built her home in the late 80’s. All of her original upgrades were now dated and preventing her house from selling. Once she recruited us, we replaced all the countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen with a modern quartz. This added thousands of dollars of value to her home and took years of those areas.

Redoing cabinets will also help your home sell quickly and for top dollar. Our Wind Warrior home was a great example of the benefits of new cabinets. This quaint home needed a minor facelift. The kitchen was functional but originally built with low-quality materials. To help the homeowners, Alaina and Glen sell their home for more, we ripped out the old cabinets and installed brand-new, high-quality ones. Overall, their renovations added $40,000 more dollars to their homes value. It was easy for them to see the benefit of making this change.

Paint can make the biggest difference

A final minor, but important aspect of your home to look at is paint. Does your current home have extreme colors? Is the outside of your house chipping? Both of these scenarios can prevent buyers from seeing the potential in your house. The LaceBark property we mentioned earlier had extreme colored accent walls in the main living area. That is one of the main reasons it sat on the market for several months with no offers. Once we finished the renovations, the house sold for $15,000 more in days.

Don’t make the same pigment mistakes many homeowners do. We suggest a light neutral color throughout the entire home. It looks clean and matches most furniture and appliances.

Whether you’re ready to sell your house now or in the future, consider some of these suggestions for your outdated home. All of our clients have sold their homes quickly and for significantly more with these minor changes. Don’t settle for a low offer just to get rid of your property. Your house can sell for the highest price on the block. We’re happy to help with a simple consult or even a full remodel. Fill out our interest form here and we’ll contact you right away.

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