Retire with Peace of Mind

Finding yourself in an empty home and ready to retire? Don’t panic. Here in Las Vegas, we have one of the largest and luxurious retirement communities. Summerlin is bustling with folks who are looking for a small, quiet place to live. For instance, they no longer want to manage a big backyard or maintain a large house. Our clients Paul and Mindy, were just like you.

Paul and Mindy found themselves in a giant home with no children. Their kids were grown and starting lives of their own. The home they raised this family in was on a half-acre of land and came equipped with everything they needed – pool, big backyard, large living spaces, and even a basketball court. Although Paul and Mindy had many great memories in this house, they were exhausted with the maintenance. They dreamed of a larger home with little to no backyard that they could retire in.

Renovations made easy

Consequently, they had to make a choice. Give up their family home or wear themselves ragged trying to take care of it. So, they decided to sell and officially retire. But they needed help getting it ready to list. They had a few minor repairs including drywall that also needed to be completed. This is where the Listing Masters team came in to help.

Paul and Mindy didn’t have the energy to complete the repairs their house needed. Still, they wanted to sell their home for the best price. Since we have access to a construction crew, we were easily able to take care of these renovations for them. We upfronted $5,000 for the cost of repairs and helped establish $10,000 more into their home.

Retirement simplified

As a result, Paul and Mindy were ready to start looking for their retirement home. They found the perfect place in Sun City Summerlin. Their backyard was part of the golf course and required no maintenance from them. They could still enjoy beautiful scenery without the hassle of maintaining it. This new home was almost perfect. It needed a few wall repairs and some clean up for a statue outside. We were happy to take care of these for them as well.

By the end of the process, our Listing Masters crew had helped Paul and Mindy find the perfect home while getting the most value out of their old house. Most importantly, Paul and Mindy didn’t have to worry about anything. We managed every part of the buying, selling and renovating process for them. In short, they were able to happily retire in peace.

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