Stress-Free Renovations

We hear this all the time.”Renovations are too stressful. It’s going to take too long.” It’s the biggest complaint we’ve heard from clients with outdated homes. Many have tried to DIY home improvements in the past and have miserably failed.

The touch-up paint smeared onto the wrong wall. The tiles were crooked on the floor. The backsplash just didn’t sit right. Even the pavers in the backyard wouldn’t lay flat. Some of the renovations took so long that parts of the house were out of commission for months!

Whatever renovation nightmare you’ve experienced in the past, we’re here to put an end to that fear. We don’t want you to worry about finding the right flooring. Or figuring out which paint is cost-effective but durable. We want to relieve every level of stress so you can focus on living! Selling your home should be exciting. You’re getting ready to start a new chapter. Don’t get stuck on the minor details. We’ve got experts that want to do that for you.

Renovations don’t have to take forever

The truth is, renovating and selling happens rather quickly. It can take several weeks to complete all the renovations, but your home can be under contract in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, you’ll be signing closing documents and packing boxes.

Reggie and Elizabeth were ready to sell their house and move. They planned to rent a house while they were trying to secure their new job and home out of state. They had previously hired contractors to update all of their countertops, stained their cabinets, changed their carpet, replaced their sinks and fixtures, painted the interior and purchased new appliances. Overall, they’d spent about $7,000 from their equity on renovating their home. Still, it felt like something was missing.

Several other houses in their neighborhood were selling for higher than theirs. They weren’t sure what more they should add. Their deadline to move was quickly approaching, and they had to list their home soon. They couldn’t afford to pay a mortgage and rent at the same time. And, they didn’t want to use more equity in their house without the security that it would increase the value of their home.

Remodeling increases the value of your home

Ready to pull their hair out or just settle for a low offer, they met with our Listing Masters team. One of our professionals held a consultation at their home and helped put a value to their house. He assured them that all of the upgrades they already made we great. We wouldn’t have to make any changes to their house. The only place we saw that needed immediate attention was their backyard.

Although small and equipped with a covered patio, the backyard was covered in unruly grass. Reggie thought beefing up the yard would add some value. He watched several videos and decided to install pavers himself. He purchased all the materials and got to work. However, it didn’t quite turn out as he planned. The pavers didn’t sit just right and were not perfectly lined up.

This is where we planned to help. Our professionals were used to finishing backyards like this every day. So, we grabbed a team and fixed up the entire backyard for about $1,500 that we paid out of our pocket. We straightened out the pavers and added some decorative touches. With just this small change, we helped them earn $30,000 more on the sale of their home and make up for the equity they spent on the renovations. They were able to pay off their cars and still have a down payment for their new house.

Upgrades can be completed efficiently

They loved selling for the highest price in their neighborhood. But, they were even more impressed with our efficiency. They didn’t have to worry about monitoring our team or waiting weeks for the project to finish. They could focus on packing and getting into their new place.

Listing Masters knows how exhausting updating a house can be. So we handle every step of the process during your renovation. You don’t have to worry about anything. Our team works efficiently and will turn your house around quickly. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or both, let us give you a consultation. Fill out our interest form here and we’ll contact you right away. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more ideas on making stress-free renovations to your home.

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