Renovate Your Home with a Professional You Can Trust

Las Vegas has thousands of professionals that call themselves experts. Only a few might know how to renovate homes. When it comes to hiring the right one, it can feel completely overwhelming. We know your experience. You were super excited to buy your current home, but didn’t know anything about real estate and had a conservative budget. So you asked your friends and family. They suggested an agent they either worked with or knew someone who worked with. Next, the agent helped you search for houses here in Las Vegas, but then you hit a wall.

All of the properties in your budget were disappointing. The bathrooms were outdated. The kitchen was old. The flooring was fading. The interior and maybe even exterior paint was painful to look at. You would have to renovate every house you saw. So you tried to raise your budget to an uncomfortable price. Some of the homes in that higher price range had a few things you liked. Still, they were missing something. Defeated, you settled for a house that was somewhere in the middle. In reality, it was the best of the crappy properties. You probably paid way more than what you should have. Does this story sound similar?

Renovate and build your perfect home

So many houses in Las Vegas are overpriced for the outdated design inside. Almost every property our clients are trying to buy or sell needs improvements. Knowing this, it’s imperative to work with someone who has experience on both sides of the table. You don’t have to work with someone who won’t get you a great deal. You can work someone like our Listing Masters professionals that have the knowledge of real estate and renovation.

To the untrained eye, it’s easy to walk into a house and see a disaster. That’s usually where many of our client’s stories begin. They want a beautiful dream home but can’t see the potential in a property. The Olson’s are a great example of someone who needed some vision help from a trusted professional.

Recruit a trusted professional

The Olson’s were exhausted looking for the perfect home in their budget. Even with their little experience of home upgrades, they just couldn’t see the diamond in the rough. The home they landed on was a large property with some outdated details and spatial issues. The entire project was right up our alley. Because of our track record and dedication to adding value to their home, the Olson’s trusted us to renovate and transform their house.

The house needed flooring, baseboards, wall removal, cabinets, air and electrical. With ten years of experience and nearly 700 home remodels under our belts, the Olson’s house was a walk in the park.

Buying a home can feel extremely overwhelming. There are thousands of realtors in Las Vegas that are only in it for themselves. Listing Masters is more than just realtors. Above all, we know how to renovate your house with upgrades that add the most value. Let’s start with a consultation and show you what you can really get for your hard-earned cash. Fill out our interest form here and we’ll contact you right away. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more.

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