Building VS Renovating

New construction homes are sprouting up all around Las Vegas. When looking to move, it almost feels like you have to choose to build a new home. All of the current homes seem outdated and need a full remodel. Dave and Mindy were stuck on this same dilemma. However, they had the Listing Masters crew to help them save money on whatever decision they made.

Dave and Mindy were ready for a new home. They had three kids all under the age of five that needed their own space. They had lived in their current home for 10 years. It had seen a lot of ups and downs and it needed a refresh. Dave and Mindy’s dilemma was two-sided. They needed to sell their outdated home to afford to build their brand new home. They also needed guidance on finishing their new construction home. The two were extremely picky and needed someone they could trust. Listing Masters was able to help them solve both problems.

Their old home was surprisingly well maintained. After our consultation with them, we suggested making minor repairs on the cabinets, paint, and lighting. Dave and Mindy didn’t have the time or energy to complete these themselves. They were also saving every dollar they had to build their new home. They wanted to make sure that every penny would add value to their home.

Work with a professional renovation crew

Listing Masters has been around for a decade helping people just like Dave and Mindy. We not only have access to a professional renovation crew, but we also have the funds to upfront the cost of repairs for our clients’ houses. Our team could manage the remodel so Dave and Mindy could focus on their new place. We’d also be able to greatly discount any labor and material fees. Our plan was to save Dave and Mindy time and stress and earn them more money. They were only a few thousand dollars away from making over $10,000 more on the sale of this home.

Dave and Mindy we ecstatic that we could carry this burden for them. They were even happier that we could also give expert advice throughout their new construction home building process. After years of experience, we would help them select exactly what upgrades they should pay for through the builder. Then, we could come in for cheaper with our renovation team and add those final touches. It was a win-win all around.

Renovate your old home and sell for more

First, we started with upgrading their old home. Since the repairs were minor, it hardly took any time at all. Our renovation team repaired the cabinets, repainted the interior and exterior and upgraded the lighting. For about $6,000, we were able to earn then $15,000 more in value freshening up their well-loved home. Within 14 days, their house sold for the highest in the neighborhood! They earned $525,000 and had more than enough to put towards their new home.

Like many clients, Dave and Mindy were very picky about their new home. This is why they chose a new construction home in the first place. Many houses in Las Vegas are outdated. They didn’t want to compromise. This is why we offer such diverse services. Even though Dave and Mindy were building a home with a different contractor, we were able to come alongside them and make sure they didn’t overpay for anything. Most of all, we were able to guide them on what was worth paying for through the builder. No one else is offering this two-fold service.

New construction homes can be stressful

For Dave and Mindy, working with their new construction home builder was a nightmare. Thanks to our knowledge, we were able to quickly find a solution. Dave and Mindy wanted a backsplash in their kitchen, but the builder only offered extensive packages. All of the packages were too expensive and had more than Dave and Mindy needed. Still, they moved forward.

Then it got worse. Their contractor installed the wrong stone! It’s safe to say, Dave and Mindy were very unhappy. With our professionals though, they were able to work out a resolution. Our renovation team came in after the builder and installed a beautiful backsplash at a fraction of the cost. We ended up saving Dave and Mindy $1,000!

Whether you’re thinking about building a new construction home or renovating an outdated one, you don’t have to do it alone. Our real estate professionals are experts in building, selling and remodeling. During your first consultation, we can even give you an estimate of what your upgrades would cost.

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