DIY Home Remodeling with a Professional

Darren and Krista couldn’t find the right home. They also needed to sell their old one. But it was completely out-of-date and they knew it needed big changes. Darren wanted to complete this DIY home remodeling himself but didn’t know where to begin. He was already overwhelmed and hadn’t even started. So, Listing Masters brought their expertise and put Darren and Krista’s stress to bed.

What’s the catch?

Our Listing Masters experts were able to offer Darren and Krista professional advice. But it all seemed too good to be true. To their surprise, we explained that there was no catch. We’ve been doing this process for more than ten years. We have nearly 700 homes under our belts and really are experts in buying and selling. We explained what improvements would add the most value to their home.

The shower and vanity in the master bathroom needed simple updates. We were able to direct them on which areas to focus on and which areas to let go. Updating the house was now doable. With these steps, Darren and Krista were finally comfortable with listing their house. They had an achievable to-do list that they could use for their portion of the home remodel.

How does DIY home remodeling add value?

The couple was relieved. They had a successful plan for fixing up their old home. They spent about $2,000 renovating and added $7,000 more to its value! Within several weeks, their home was completed and ready to be listed. One buyer was extremely impressed. They made an offer before it was officially on the market. Darren and Krista received a high offer of $315,000 for their home!

However, Darren and Krista still needed to find a new place to live. Listing Masters was able to deliver again. Firstly, we searched throughout the valley and found a place we knew they’d love. Our team helped the couple find an older, ranch style house. It was almost perfect. All it needed was a few spatial adjustments. Being the handy, DIY guy that he was, Darren wanted to get his hand’s dirty building this dream home.

What if my new home needs repairs?

As a result, he requested our expertise to finish this project. With our professional advice, we easily created a descriptive blueprint for his renovations. We were able to help him see the vision of how to make his house a home. It started with the flooring and cabinets. We brought in a professional designer to choose a modern concept he and Krista loved. The designer did all the hard work for them. They were even able to choose from several preselected themes as well.

Our main recommendations were to knock down multiple walls and create a fluid open concept layout throughout the house. We also suggested remodeling the master bathroom to make it more functional. Darren and Krista did choose to use their own contractors and DIY some of the home remodel, but we were able to guide them along the way.

Although Darren was able to complete the DIY home remodeling and finish many tasks himself, Listing Masters’ professional experience gave him and Krista the confidence they needed. In other words, they gained the added value of vision, design, and expertise they were missing. And, they updated their home for a reasonable cost. Listing Masters put an end to their fears of overspending and provided an affordable and realistic budget for all of their home’s modifications.

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